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I'm a self-taught artist born in Lviv, Ukraine, & reside in Toronto. I previously attended Etobicoke School of the Arts majoring in Visual Arts. I studied at Ryerson University School of Interior Design.  With my design knowledge and a strong passion for art, I decided to marry the two disciplines and succeed in a profession of design.

However, I feel that passion is stronger than profession...and if possible, your

passion must be turned into a profession.

Art is a big part of my life and something I have built my reputation on.
It is second nature to me and it’s the most proficient way of expression for me

I see Art as an emotional outlet and a pathway to find your inner self.

While living in South Korea (2013-2017) I continued painting, teaching art to kids and adults, and founded the first international art program in the city : Gwangju Art Class, where I instructed technical drawing, watercolour painting, and host variously themed still life/ nude model drawing classes. The Gwangju Art Class still operates to this day. 


My work spans a variety of subject matter and styles - from figurative paintings, playfully vibrant watercolour illustrations, to impressionistic still life and landscapes. 


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