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 body language of lips 


My interest in exploring the 

human anatomy and combining its realism 

with abstract has recently evolved into a strong focus 

on human expression, specifically through the lips. My current 

work exposes various nuances of my own mouth to evoke a visceral 

   response to sexually suggestive and seductive expressions. My pieces 

consist of one or two expressive lips dominating the entire canvas, 

  because I believe the mouth can project strong emotion without the 

face intact. I work with juxtaposing expressions of sensuous 

           seductiveness and aggressive sexual allure. I try to create works 

             that the viewer can interpret as extremely suggestive 

                 without being literal. I work in oil and put 

                                great emphasis on detail to create 

                                                                   fullness and texture of the human                                                                                                                    flesh. 


                                                                                                    - mariya haponenko


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